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Thursday, July 13, 2006

A thank you note to someone dear to our heart

For those of you who have problems remembering names or faces, this is Professor Dr. Hajjah Hazadiah Mohd Dahan, affectionately known as Dr Haz. Yes, this is the same lady who signed your ADP Certificate of Attendance; your Dean's List certificates etc.

Trust me, you can never get a better Head of Program than Dr Haz. I had the priviledge to know her closer than most of you guys since I was then, as Eddie the Taiko puts it, Ketua Murid ADP3. I had many fond memories of her when she was the head of the program. She supported our activities. When we had problems, she was ever ready to help us. When we talked, she listened. Importantly, she considered our views.

I think you guys should know that she stood by us, her sons and daughters, all the time, especially during the troubled time, before she was asked to lead the, then, new Faculty of Education. She did all what she possibly could in her role as our head of program. Her leadership during that 'darkest hours' should be commendable.

Ten years has now passed. But, it is never late to express our sincerest gratitude to this one amazing lady: Thank you Dr Haz from all of us.

Your sons and daughters,


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