ADP3 REUNION: there is always a first time

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Volunteers needed!

Dear all,

We need to set up two very important committees in order to handle some of the most crucial pre-event administration tasks:

(1) Registration Committee
(2) Promotion and Publicity Committee

The functions for these two committees, I would assume, are self-explanatory.

We need
volunteers to take charge of the committee and later find their own members to help with the different tasks assigned to the committee.

There is nothing to stop you from helping even if you are not physically located in KL. I must give credit to Yatt who, despite now residing in the
United States, no less, is willing to help out! Please remember that there are a number of ways and means that would allow interaction amongst members in order to ensure things are completed according to plan.

So, please don't be shy to contribute your time and effort. We always welcome your contributions.


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