ADP3 REUNION: there is always a first time

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Your classmates

I was chatting with to Mary earlier today about our reunion thingy. We talked about strategies to get fellow ADPians to attend the reunion.

I mentioned to her of the need to get the 'numbers' right. I am not particularly sure how many of us, but my guess is around 300-odd ADPians.

Now, how about we start counting them to establish the number.

Oh, if I am not wrong, back then, we have NO1 to N08 for non-sciences and S01 to S11 for sciences.

For obvious reason, I'll start with my class, NO1. I need contributions from you guys to list your UPP classmates. I'll update the main entry as and when I receive feedback.

Dr. (then, Puan) Normah Abdullah/ Mr Bill White

1. Sharizan Rosely @ Sharizan/Ijan - CIMB, KL
2. Zanariah Zainuddin @ Nalie - Donno!
3. Yusniza Yusoff @ Yus - Donno
4. Wan Nuradiah Wan Mohd Rani @ Nora - Donno!

5. Syarilazli Mahammad @ Syaril - Shell, Philippines
6. Salisa Salleh @ Lieyssa - IBM, KL
7. Badrul Hisham Ab.lah Sani @ Bad - Own company, Klang
8. Dayang Ainul Mardiah Zainal @ DAM - Donno!
9. Ezria Shamsir @ Ezzie - Donno!
10. Ghazari Amri Sanusi @ Ghaz - Bank Negara Malaysia, KL
11. Haryati Mohammad Daud @ Yatt - USA
12. Shareen Sikayun Hiu @ Kayun - Commercedc, Cyberjaya
13. Intan Nahariah Yaakob @ Intan - Real Rewards, KL
14. Ida Maria Amiruddin @ MAD - Donno!
15. Mohd Nizam Mohd Nordin @ Nizam - Perodua
16. Marina Esme @ Marina - Donno!
17. Mas Shazlyna Abd Kudus/Harris @ Lyna - in USA, maybe?
18. Noor Azrina Zakaria @ Aje - Boustead , KL
19. Rinayati Arshad @ Rina - AXA Insurance, KL
20. Alwi Abdul Aziz @ Alwi - Donno!
21. Sy Ramzeeda S Yazid @ Zeeda - Hyundai, KL


  • is thre such thing as comment-whore? hahah.. sorry Ghaz i tak nak giller kuasa cam u but i don't like empty comments.. hehe...

    nway, wah hebat nyer korang.. still keep in touch huh? that's good. bagus nyer ko siap tau kat mana sumer org kerja yek... tapi class ko yg paling happening masa dulu kan? hehe..

    By Blogger PrincessRen, at Mon Jul 24, 08:40:00 PM  

  • ghaz, i know where nora is now. she works for TNS (i dono the full name of the co.) it's a market research company over at Menara TA One seberang KLCC/beside Passion/Poppy club tu. she's the asst. manager now i think, i'm not sure. her email (if she still uses it cos i never seem to get a mail or reply from her):

    By Anonymous Zeeda Yazid @ Zied, at Fri Jul 28, 03:07:00 PM  

  • Ida is an English teacher

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Aug 22, 02:11:00 PM  

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