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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Wajah kesayangan hamba (24)

From Nurazlin Kamarudin (NO3)

Aku ni.. Alin lah.. Bilik sama dgn Aishah... Budak AUHAC yg paling cun time tuh lah kan...hehehe...

Firstly, aku seronok gile bila you with some other gooodd ADPians came out with this blogging idea.. Cool siot.. Keep it up ya...

Pls find some pics during my wedding... I know I looked different with that tacky make-up (ghaz: you look wonderfully beautiful) ... Hahaha... Thanks to Saidatulnisa (the penyanyi Ella punye sister).. She's absolutely damn good make-up artist... Don't know whether you know this or not.. Ish, apa lah aku melalut ni..

A brief about me - Nurazlin a.k.a Alin... Well started with NO3, then stranded kat PPP sampai graduate... Hehehe...Took Finance major with Marina (my partner in crime til now), plus MasAida aka Kodeng, Yem, AidaYuhaini, Ellea, Nuraida and some other classmate yg aku dah lupa nama dorang.. Sorry ek..

Just got married to the most patient man I've ever met (considering I'm a difficult person in term of relationship...) hahaha... The 1st pic tuh, time we both went to a wedding... and the 2nd pic , time we both di atas pelamin sendiri... Enjoy then...

You guys can browse my fotopage at Hmmm, I should start my own blog lepaih ni... Intan & Shareen have been asking me to have one.. Takde masa nak buat lah..

Well, I am working in Financial Planning industry at the moment (ghaz: Financial Consultant, SBB Mutual).. with my beloved hubby..Konon2 nak buat family business lah one day.. InsyaAllah...

Keep in touch my friends... Take care everyone...


With hubby: Badlisyah Daud


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