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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Wajah Kesayangan Hamba (33)

From Azizul Rahman Yeop Abdul Mutalib (NO2)

assalamualaikum ghaz...
(ghaz: wa'alaikumussalam)

as promised, attached is my bio form... ada lah sikit details about myself (at the moment lah...) and since you need my latest photo... ni hah... aku ambil gambar candid dekat office... (janji ada gambar kan bro...)

anyway... i'm currently working in a company dealing in providing wireless communication solutions... based in technology park malaysia... for telcos and also for the enterprise market... i am curently managing the company's marketing and promotional activities...

as for myself... (unlike ohers kot...) still single... (ghaz: lorr .. ramai lagi la yang still single mingle ni) my memories at ppp tak banyak since i did not complete my studies there pun... (did i have any wonderful memories there? banyak nightmares ada lah...) lagi with so many pressures there... that i finally decided to screw up my life and left ppp... i left ppp without looking back... and i left everyhing (memories and friends) behind... did i regret doing it? part of me does... i went through hard times after leaving ppp... keeping myself very private from other people... (ghaz: -snip-)

by the way... i finally obtained my degree from multimedia university, cyberjaya... bba in marketing... i actually graduated with our ppp juniors (adp4)... had work in several places before i ended up at my current employer... up until today i still keep myself very private... i also still haven't found someone suitable for me yet (kot...) (ghaz: -snip-) ... i do see some of our collagues from ppp from time to time... many of them do not recognizes me pun... and i also ingat they all begitu2 sahaja... cam muka, tapi tak ingat nama pun... (maybe my head dah biol kot after i saja suka suka accident langgar pokok while studying at mmu...) i give myself sampai umur 35 kot baru cari calon kot...

anyway... nice to hear from you... again... i totally misplaced your email address... the last time we keep in touch pun you were about to leave for the UK... (during that time i pernah nampak you once at bnm, dekat kafeteria belakang tu, cuma tak sempat nak tegur, nak cepat ada presentation...) do take care... and please add my email address (this email ok...) into your mailing list... and do update me of any activities that you plan to have... will try my best to be there... insya'allah jika dipanjangkan umur... and if anybody wanted to contact me, just give them this email address... (ghaz: will do) i will try my best to recall back... (seriously aku mmg betul2 lupa pasal ppp... lagipun aku dah buat banyak salah and create too many damage kat ppp dulu... that's why i try not to remember it at all...)

send my regards to whoever that still remember me lah...



  • yarabi... bulat2 email aku ko masukkan dalam blog nie ghaz... kalau ye pun censored2 lah sikit... pastu byk typo error tu... mana tak nye, time buat karangan tu tgh emo lah mengenang kenangan lama... aparaaa... hehe... and one more thing la dei... nama aku pun salah tu (ke aku salah isi borang bio?) yoep = yeop... and owh... aku kelas NO2 ke dulu? haha! lupa sey!

    By Anonymous azizul, at Fri Aug 25, 04:07:00 PM  

  • hehehe.
    sorry abt the name. dah pebetoikan dah.

    By Blogger Ghaz Sanusi, at Fri Aug 25, 04:18:00 PM  

  • assalamualaikum azizul,

    untuk pengetahuan korang, aku ngan azizul pernah rapat dulu...rapat sangat.. malah dia pernah jadi roommate aku..
    other people might have problems befriending you, tapi aku tak pernah ada masalah tu... tapi apa yang aku kesalkan sampai sekarang nie ialah aku biarkan persahabatan itu terus padam begitu sahaja akibat persepsi orang lain terhadap azizul, walaupun aku tidak mempunyai apa-apa masalah dengan dia...

    azizul, terlanjur kita berjumpa dekat sini, aku minta maaf banyak-banyak kerana meninggalkan persahabatan kita begitu sahaja..

    yes, you said that you've created too many damage at ppp, but i have a fair share of that problems too...

    aku pun meninggalkan ppp tanpa menoleh belakang lagi, tapi bila diingat-ingatkan, kalau aku tak tinggalkan ppp...i might not becoming what i am now..

    pengalaman mendewasakan seeorang itu..

    nice to meet u here azizul, and please accept my sincere apologies...


    By Anonymous badrul hisyam, at Fri Aug 25, 06:30:00 PM  

  • azizul,

    since bad mentioned it, aku pun tak pernah ada problem berkawan dengan ko. dengan orang lain aku tataulah. in fact, bila aku tau Amy NO3 tu duduk PJ dekat ngan umah ko, aku selalu *pressure* Amy NO3 utk dapatkan contact numbers ko. my point being, i am glad to have you sebagai kawan aku. hopefully, persahabatan ini akan berkekalan. dan, as they often said, the past belongs to the history. ambillah iktibar dan pengalaman daripada yang lepas.

    By Blogger Ghaz Sanusi, at Fri Aug 25, 06:36:00 PM  

  • Ye ye..memang aku pressure sbb Ghaz asyik push aku carik budak azizul nih eheh..last2 rezeki aku le tetiba terserempak dgn azizul kat technology park..ehehe ghaz punya pasal, aku tebalkan muka jek gi sergah budak azizul ni..walaupun aku tak sure dia ingat aku ke idak..and i got his name card and the rest is history la..
    Rilekla Azizul..buang yg keruh ambik yg jernih..motif kita sekarang nak kumpul balik kawan2 lama..ok?

    By Blogger Amy, at Fri Aug 25, 08:33:00 PM  

  • wa'alaikumussalam bad... yes, it has been a while since we last communicate with each other... who would had guessed that we finally meet back here... and yes, we were very close back then... biasalah... partners in crime... yeah, i also have my share of problems that i had created that had left me being isolated by many... was quite shock when you also left ppp (earlier than me if i'm not mistaken, later that semester i changed room, then aku pun terus lesap...) feel sad to leave ppp but i also have no choice that time... susah nak study when there's too many distraction (emotionally) bothering me... which indirectly had made me become a very private and quiet guy until today... why i also don't know...

    please also accept my appologies for any of my wrong doing... and not only to you... as i have a long list of appologies that i need to make... you guys make me feel comfortable that i still have friends from ppp... (terkenang pulak masa waktu aku sampai tertonggeng duduk dalam bilik ghaz tolong siapkan yearbook kita tu...) i do agree with all of you... apa yg lepas tu... kita ketepikan... apa yang penting is the future... and to fix back all the broken friendships...

    anyway, do drop me an email at do keep in touch kay... maybe we can have teh tarik someday and recall back the 10 years we had lost? oh ye, kesian ko pressure amy... aku bila dia tegur haritu panik jugak aku... aku dah lah tgh jalan sorang2 layan feeling lepas tu tetiba kena ambush... blur jugak aku time tu... whatever it is... it is a blessing in disguise that kita jumpa haritu...

    p/s: thanks ghaz for the correction... and oh ye... just to inform semua, ingat tak Emy Mariany (NO2)? kalau tak ingat tu aku tak tahu apa nak cakap lah... anyway... she had safely gave birth to a 3.2kg baby boy on the 10 August 06 at 12:50pm... nama baby dia Ahmad Danial... sekarang dia ada di kampung... tgh pantang...

    By Anonymous azizul, at Sat Aug 26, 12:24:00 AM  

  • Back then we were so prone of making errors and damages. Those errors and damages that made who we are today. Like the old proverb said, learn to crawl, walk and then run. We can't run from these stages. You are part of ADP3 and we also consider you as part of us. Nothing different.

    By Anonymous sad, at Sat Aug 26, 12:46:00 PM  

  • learn to crawl....standup-jatuh, bangun balik, then walkpjatuh lagi, bangun sendiri balik, then run, tersembam, bangun jugak balik sindili-sindili...
    paru la bleh mature...

    -my 2 rupiah-

    By Blogger abu_harraz, at Sun Aug 27, 01:58:00 PM  

  • Askum ur ex-classmate, i feel so sad reading ur luahan hati...r we dat bad?...anyway, hope u r okay now...insya'allah, apa yg berlaku tu ada hikmahnya...bersabar je lah ye?...if u still keep in touch with emy, pls kirim slm & ucapkan tahniah kat dia..

    By Blogger Nona, at Mon Aug 28, 10:18:00 AM  

  • yes, i agree with wat sad and hucs said... we were just 18 years old when we entered ppp/itm, and prone to make mistake... i made very costly mistake during those days..

    even ghaz pun belum akil baligh masa tu... kan ghaz kan...

    hehe jangan marah ghaz...gurau jer..

    azizul, thanks for ur email add, i can be contacted at my personal mail
    will try to meet u some of these days but need to clear up some things first..

    By Anonymous badrul hisyam, at Mon Aug 28, 11:40:00 AM  

  • wow...everybody so emo, let's listen to Simple Plan shall we?

    By Anonymous mohd, at Mon Aug 28, 03:17:00 PM  

  • salam semua... thanks for all he response... i do agree with you guys (gals)... those were the days when we were just started to get to know freedom and the world... nevertheless... my decision to leave ppp was right at that time... and i managed to straighten up my life... elso i would not be in the position i am right now...

    seriously saying i had missed sooooo much this past 10 years... after going through this blog... looking at all the photos... seriously i had missed a lot! tak sangka some even dah ada 3 orang anak! damn i'm getting old... huhu... nice to know that my old classmates... and my old good friends are doing really really well... wish i could still meet up with all my friends from NO2 and NO??? er... ghaz... seblom aku dibuang ke NO2, aku kelas mana ek? tak ingat...

    and yes nona... who could not forget you... my geng ngumpat dalam kelas... hehe... sorry to hear about arwah jeff... i was also close to him... i got the news while i was driving back from kedah... and seblum tu on the highway i saw a bmw or a pajero (tak ingat) terbabas eksiden on the other side of the road... terus ada rasa takut dalam hati ni pasal diri sendiri pun dah pernah terbabas eksiden time kat university... bila dah tiba kl... lagi ditambah dengan sms kata arwah jeff dah tak ada... seram sejuk jugak lah rasa time tu... tak sangka it has been 3 years... hope you are doing better by now... make sure you maintain kiut selalu tau... jgn maintain kembang cam ghaz... hehe...

    anyway... will share some photos that i had time kat ppp dulu... i keep it in a box which i haven't open for 10 years! tgklah bila senang (itupun kalau ada time, sekarang asyik travel sana sini aje...) i will scan the photos and share it here kay... apa2 pun i miss you guys and gals soooo much... i wish i didn't screw up my life that time... else we would still be close until today... take care all...

    By Anonymous azizul, at Mon Aug 28, 08:14:00 PM  

  • hello... not sure u still remember me or not - blend N02. Now aku stay dkt penang with my hubby... quite surprise to see ur photo - look nice, dulu cam budak2 je. Ape2 pun all the best...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Sep 11, 05:30:00 PM  

  • arloo blend... uish... siapa tak ingat cik nor balinda kite... hehe... alamak! dah kawen ker? melepas peluang... haha... nice to hear from you after all these years... penang kat mana tu? zul salu gak turun penang... syiok pekena nasi kandaq kat pasar yg dekat ngan sri malaysia tu... takpun kat... erm... tak ingat nama tempat tu... tapi bawah flat kat kat area nak gi bukit bendera...

    supprise with my photo? dulu cam budak2 ka? ceh... sampai hati... huhu... what to do... had changed a lot after so many unfortunate things that had happened to me... sekarang ni dah cool down sket... enjoying work and life... still single dan tgh malas nak cari calon... hehe... tunggu mak pilihkan lagi senang... tak yah sakit2 kepala... hahaha... (kalau blend nak rekomen pun bleh gak... nona dah jadi ejen zul gak tolong carikan calon... hehehe)

    do keep in touch ok... kalau free2 tu... email me at bagi siapa2 yg kenal zul pun bleh email... jarang lah check blog nie... pasal sunyi sgt... tak banyak updates... :)

    By Anonymous azizul, at Fri Sep 15, 05:01:00 PM  

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