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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wedding Pictures

Shareen Azua's Wedding Pictures

Found Shareen Azua's wedding pictures here while browsing fotopages. Sapa tuan punya fotopages itu, minta ampunlah, aku tatau lah. For the last picture, picture of her wedding reception in Bangkok, I took that from Shell's own blogsite.

Thought of sharing a few of those pictures I took (ghaz: without permission, lagi .. hehe) from both the sites with you people.
Jangan marah nooo Shell. Cuma nak kongsi2 ja ngan kengkawan yang lain.

Seperti biasa, asal nama pengantin ja, mesti cantik2 kan. And, she look soooooooo beautiful on her wedding day (ghaz: captions untuk pictures kena tunggu Shell explain sendiri. wa tatau!)

Congratulations on your wedding
from all of us here!


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