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Monday, August 14, 2006

xADPians Community Service


Yes. Yes, I am allowing public announcements or notices or advertisements yang ada kena-mengena ngan geng2 ADP3 kat sini. So, kalau ada sesiapa yang nak announce majlis bertunang ke, kahwin ke, birthday anak ke atau nak mencari jodoh ka, just drop me an email. Nanti aku consider.

One condition: jangan sampai tukar blog ni jadi ruang Iklaneka cukuplaaa ek.

Hubby and I are selling off our cars so please spread this to all your friends ya, who knows some of them (or maybe you!) might be looking for good conditioned 2nd hand cars…

Details of car No.1:

Details of car No. 2:

Make: Proton

Make: Citroen

Model: Iswara 1.5 Auto Sedan

Model: Xsara 1.6 Manual Coupe (2-door, limited edition)

Colour: Cosmic Grey

Colour: Gold

Year: 2003

Year: 2000

Mileage: 60k+ (considered low for a 3-yr old car)

Mileage: 170k+

Price: RM25,000 neg.

Price: RM32,000 neg.

Remark: Engine is still in very good running condition. Never missed a service before. 1 lady owner who takes good care of her car.

Remark: Very good continental car – engine, interior and exterior still like new. Taken care of by a car lover so expect only the best. Uses MAK rims (apparently a good brand for rims). Accident free.

Details of seller:

Name: Zeeda Yazid
: 012-215 0087

Details of seller:

Name: Jimmy Harris (or Zeeda)
: 012-20 777 99

Reason selling: Nothing to do with the cars i.e. nothing wrong with them. We’re getting a new car, that’s all.

(ghaz: dapat jual keter2 ni nanti, boleh la contribute to reunion fund sikit ekk .. hikhikhik)


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