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Monday, January 01, 2007

Have a Happy New Year

I wish you Health...
So you may enjoy each day in comfort.

I wish you the Love of friends and family...
And Peace within your heart.

I wish you the Beauty of nature...
That you may enjoy the work of God.

I wish you Wisdom to choose priorities...
For those things that really matter in life.

I wish you Generousity so you may share...
All good things that come to you.

I wish you Happiness and Joy...
And Blessings for the New Year.

I wish you the best of everything...
That you so well deserve.


(Author Unknown)

This will be your year.
This will be the year that you are 30.

This will be the year you love as deeply and laugh as often as you can.
This will be the year you do at least one thing you always dreamed you'd do.
This will be the year you come closer than ever before
to perfecting this art called living.

This will be your year.

Happy 30th Birthday.

( 30 isn't so bad. Lots of people would love to be 30…
Especially the ones who are 40! )

Oh, a little reminder!

Our 10th Year ADP3 Reunion is planned this year.
We need all the supports to plan and organize this event.

Have a great new year, people!


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